Trumpet Blowing

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Imagine a pocket rocket of energy and enthusiasm able to amuse, engage and then educate even the most ardent if sceptics. Amy is on a crusade to “dot” New Zealand, and I’d highly recommend you need her call to arms…or dots, as it were. For personal development or for groups looking for professional development, or even an entertaining professional speaker who can give an audience a taste of the dots and leave them wanting more, Amy Scott is an investment. However, don’t let her near coffee or energy drinks – it would be like pouring petrol on a fire!

Darren Ludlow Manager at Radio Southland July 9, 2015

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Amy’s presentations just make you want to get into it. She exudes fun and enthusiasm. She is highly entertaining and a ball of energy.

David Moore Workforce Advisor at South Canterbury District Health Board July 9, 2015

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My organization has benefited from Amy Scott’s programme “Get Dotted” on several occasions.

Amy is the most passionate, professional & people oriented speaker we have had the pleasure of engaging.

As a result of the programme, the interaction between our staff members has seen a positive change due to their understanding of each other’s behavourial traits.

Amy would make a huge difference to any large or small organisation.

Jane Henton Group Administrator - Network & Customer Operations at Wellington Water Ltd July 9, 2015

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Amy presented the DOT experience a couple of years ago. While intially I was unsure of the experience I actually found the whole process both fun and useful.

Amy’s bright, bubbly and positive approach enhanced the experience and made me more comfortable to contribute and get involved.

The DOTS is a useful tool to managing staff and identifying how people respond to different situations.

We still use DOTS today and it is often the topic of staff meeting or tearooms conversations

Jeff Paulin Finance Manager at Horowhenua District Council July 9, 2015

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Amy really opened my eyes to the way we all communicate through the ‘dotting’ process. I had a one day course with Amy and left with some very valuable information that I could apply through all areas of my life. An amazing and very inspiring lady who is able to keep her audience engaged throughout the whole course. I recommend her courses to anyone and everyone.

Melissa Bullmore World Organic Consultant and Team Leader July 9, 2015

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Being ‘dotted’ has changed the way I communicate with people. I could not believe the insight I gained from hearing Amy speak. Now that I know what dots my family are it has made life much easier.
Amy’s speaking is perfect for any market – from children to high powered business people I would doubt that there is anyone that would not benefit from hearing her speak. A high energy presenter, Amy is professional and great fun to work with.

Lisa O'Neill Stylist, Speaker, Presenter, Author, Columnist NZ Women’s Weekly July 9, 2015

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My first introduction to Dot’s and the personality behind it (Amy) was not long after completing accreditation as a DisC facilitator – DisC is an assessment tool that has a number of modules of which “behavioural or personality assessment” is one that I have used in many HR processes.

My initial exposure to Dot’s was with some scepticism as the science of behaviours is complicated and requires a significant amount of study (in my opinion) to master.

Amy’s infectious personality quickly breaks down barriers which allows the learning and sharing to happen at a significant pace – as an observer (hats the way I saw myself) I could see the “light bulb moments” happening – the message of understanding quickly turned into empowerment.

I brought Amy and the Dots to my workplace 4 years ago – a measure of how successful Dot’s has been is listening to staff sharing their “Dot’s” with others in everyday conversation – its almost like sharing your own personal manual with those who you engage with.

We will regularly run Dotted learning experiences.

Signed: red, blue, yellow, purple.

Chris Hewitt HR Manager at Selwyn District Council July 9, 2015

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Amy is one of the most dynamic people I have ever met. If you are looking for someone to inspire your staff, professional group, students or community group then this is the person for you. Amy brings a wealth of energy, passion, commitment, and above all pragmatism to her work which people respond to. You cannot help but be enthused by her and her dots.

Unlike many of the personality and communication styles that I have been exposed to in the past, I immediately responded to dots. It is simple, but very effective, to the extent that I use the information garnered from Amy on a daily basis. I can assess people’s dots in about 5 seconds and have improved my own communication styles as a result – allowing me to be much more effective and increasing the value of my internal and external relationships.

At a time when we are all being asked to do more with less, being an effective communicator is worth its weight in gold.

Paula J Smith ARIM, MSc, BSc (Hons) Practice Lead, Information Management at Optimation July 9, 2015