7 Crocodiles, 7 Hairy Horned Bulls & 17 minutes later a burst of sunshine

Newsletter 2

Welcome to 2016

In this small burst of sunshine:

  • A quick welcome & update
  • My epic escape from the “Fearful Newsletter Vortex”!
  • Hunting FOR Help
  • Hunting TO Help
  • Hunting FOR my word for 2016 – includes link to clever Dr Jason Fox’s 3 min video on choosing your ‘One Word’ wisely
  • Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
  • Happy Treats (yes giveaways – very exciting)

A new start, a new beginning, a new adventure or perhaps a new intensity to your current adventure.  I love the idea, look, thought & feel of a new year.   It’s exciting!

You can see the dates & links below to the upcoming “dots” public courses.  Ideal for smaller teams, organisations, couples and individuals.  Anyone over the age of 15 is welcome to attend.

For more tailored solutions and for larger teams, organisations, and conferences – please get in touch at [email protected] – my calendar for 2016 is filling up with a smattering of bookings for 2017 already locked in!  Wow!

And if you made it a priority to refresh, recalibrate and reconnect to your true self & those important to you over your holiday break – you too, are likely to be excited at what 2016 holds for you, your loved ones, your team, and your wider organisation.  Naturally I’m wishing you nothing but success for your year and hey – if I can help with that – I’d be only too happy!

I wrestled 7 crocodiles and tackled 7 hairy horned bulls to get this burst of sunshine into your happy little inbox today… (hopefully your inbox is looking happier than mine….)  Clear, ordered and heavens – maybe you’ve managed to get to inbox zero already this year… if that’s something that gives you pleasure – Great.  If not, then just drop that expectation.  (For your own sanity).

Ok – I haven’t really wrestled crocodiles or tackled hairy horned bulls – although it truly does feel like it.  The extraordinary lengths I’ve taken to avoid the risk of sending you something that’s less than perfect…  (my perfect – not yours – and yes still learning that, that doesn’t exist)… the crazy ducking, diving, distracting and deviating has been nothing short of astounding.

Actually I am in awe of my battle with the “demon of self doubt” that has seen me stuck in a “fearful newsletter vortex” for a number of months… It’s been a slightly scary process.

Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t all dire dreadful darkness and leeches in underpants – it was fun (to start with…) to avoid the potential pain of not delivering good “enough” musings.   I felt like a bit of a rebel, a naughty girl not doing what she’s told.  Deviant distractions such as netflix, social media, filing, meetings, emails, sleeping, presenting, travelling, proposals, doctors appointments, research, mentoring, speaking, socialising and even writing my book – all contributed to the diverting of my attention from sending out my newsletter.

That along with my noble claims of “perfectionism” which Elizabeth Gilbert kindly smashed apart in her book “Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear”  
“I think perfectionism is just a high-end, haute couture version of fear.  I think that perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat, pretending to be elegant when actually it’s just terrified.  Because underneath that shiny veneer, perfectionism is nothing more than a deep existential angst that says, again and again ‘I am not good enough and I will never be good enough’”…OUCH!

It’s certainly provided me with plenty of fodder for my work around leadership, authenticity, productivity, agility, energy, connection, courage, confidence and compassion.   Naturally it also builds on the “communication” work that I’ve been doing for over a decade.

Finally Elizabeth Gilberts’ mother’s words of “Done is better than good” –  pushed me to finally refuse to tolerate this vortex any longer.   You see by not sitting down and doing the newsletter – it was still taking up important space & energy in my head but not in a good fresh fun way.  It was in a yuck, bad, procrastinating, dreaded way.  Which is sooo not me!  Bugger that!  So I set my red kitchen timer for 17 minutes and cranked this out.  You’re welcome 🙂

Needless to say – after this huge battle (& many more before…& no doubt many more to come… ) you won’t be hearing from me on the fortnightly basis as I originally (naively) proclaimed.   You’ll hear from me only when I’ve got something exciting & worthwhile to share.   Quick. Bursts. Of. Sunshine.

Is this a perfect approach?  Probably not.

Will this work for you?  Hopefully – Maybe – but if not – feel free to click the unsubscribe button below. (No hard feelings x)

Now for the promised “Quick Tip” for Helping Pre-Dominant PURPLE Team Members to Complete Tasks

** Please Remember – that we are each a combination of all 4 of the communication styles (dots).  No-one is simply one colour!   And it’s not about behaviour.  If someone is behaving badly (being a plonker) it’s not a reflection of what combination of communication styles (dots) they are – they are simply behaving badly…

For someone strong in PURPLE, remember that they may have trouble listening and processing if you string more than 2 sentences together at once. They may perceive that information to be a lecture.  So try to break the information down into chunks and use questions to ensure that you’ve kept their attention.  Did that make sense?  Do you have an idea of what I mean?

Most importantly – check that they have a clear idea of WHAT you’ve asked them to do.

(If they’re also high in Blue – great to check that they are clear on WHY you’ve particularly asked them to do it).

Check that they know WHEN you require the information or task completed by.

Ask if there is anything they need from you to get started or in fact to ensure that they can deliver it on time?

Would it help for us to meet next week to review your progress?

Bonus – Purple dots naturally think outside the box and can easily improve a system/process.  Perhaps say – Look if you see any room for improvement or have any ideas please be sure to capture them and let me know.

Tune in for next time to receive a “Quick Tip” for helping those team members who are pre-dominantly yellow.


HUNTING FOR HELP – (Damsel in Distress)

I’m looking for someone clever, brave, efficient, organised and keen on making a difference in this world.   My beautiful assistant Michal has completed her sterling job of helping me get through the huge back log of emails in my inbox.

  • Ummm sorry if you’re still waiting to hear from me – please touch base again – as I may have dropped the ball over the holiday break…  whoops!

Alas – in order for me to return to some semblance of Mailbox Zen and to keep up with my increasing bookings (speaking, training, facilitating & mentoring), guarantee I continue to deliver to the highest possible standards (including but not limited to making sure I’m booked on right flights, calendar is organised, all information is shared with clients ASAP) and to also ensure that I finish my book – I really need HELP!

Do you know of anyone who can help me be my best self and to continue serving my clients to the highest possible standards?

This clever ninja will be based somewhere in New Zealand and want to work mostly remotely for 10 – 20 hours per week to start off with (“half-full-time” flexible).  

Here’s the link to my “Clever Ninja” website page & blurb in case you know somebody who may be interested in working with me.  Please help me by sharing this link with anyone you feel would be amazing.

HUNTING TO HELP (Sharing the Love)

My “not for profit” and fundraising slots are quickly being snapped up for 2016.  I have a limited number of slots available.

If you’re involved with a worthy cause and/or you’re looking to raise money for a project in your community or region or heavens – simply want to bring an incredibly uplifting and inspiring event to your town – then please be sure to touch base with me ASAP.


I’m searching for a word to embody 2016 for me.   It’s not something I’ve done before but I love the concept.  It’s not new but it has become popular – probably because it works!  The wonderful Dr Jason Fox has ingeniously captured the basics in his recent video.  Definitely a great investment of 3 minutes 🙂 –  Dr Jason Fox Word for 2016

  • If you don’t think so – coffee is on me!  

If you wanted to learn more – here’s a link to his more in-depth article from the beginning of last year Reword Yourself 2015.

  • By the way – I am mighty careful of whose newsletters I subscribe to… If you haven’t already – I highly recommend that you subscribe to Jason’s museletters – you are guaranteed excellent value each time you hear from him around a whole load of interesting stuff.  You can subscribe to his cleverness by clicking here.
  • Disclaimer – I might have a bit of a “Clever Thinking Crush” on Jason though.  He’s pretty darn cool! 
  • And no – I’m not getting any kickback pimping Jason out.  Knowing Jason – he’s probably going to be super embarrassed by all this attention in my newsletter… ummm probably should have checked with him first – sorry Jason!  And don’t panic – I’m not stalking you… honestly!


I know – nothing new here regarding the importance of drinking plenty of water.

It was something that I was reminded of whilst reading the stunning Dr Jenny Brockis’ brilliant new book “The Future Brain”.   This is a MUST READ!  Beautifully written – not many people can help interpret science as interestingly as Jenny!

Simple but not easy.  So what I’ve done to increase my water uptake is to play a game measuring the number of glasses I have before lunch & then after.  It’s not hard to get through 8 glasses before lunch… who knew..?!?!!

Sounds simplistic but science does back this up and since I’ve consciously made the effort to drink more water, my mind & body definitely feel better for it.  I seem to have more clarity and energy.

HAPPY TREATS  (Giveaways – yay!)

Carrying on with my “Clever Thinking Crush” on Jason – I’ve got 4 copies of his awesome book “The Game Changer” to gift to 4 beautiful people who email me with their word for 2016 before 31 January 2016.

Names will be drawn out of a hat with the rabbit watching.  Go on – take a stab at picking a word and receive a treat.   Promise that I won’t stalk you either…

Once again – if this isn’t your style – you’ve got enough sunshine in your world already without hearing from me – then please don’t hesitate to click on the unsubscribe button below.  No hard feelings!

Thanks for sharing some time with me today – feel free to be in touch if you have any burning questions or ideas that you’d like me to cover in my upcoming small bursts of sunshine – [email protected]

Looking forward to connecting with you at some stage of your epic 2016,

Amy 🙂

PS – no crocodiles or hairy horned bulls were harmed in the creation of this newsletter!

PPS – Always keen to catch up with you to discover what help I can provide you and/or your organisation in getting your projects over the line or getting the best out of yourself & the people around you.

PPPS – up with the play & want to hook up with me via the usual social media channels – feel free – I’d love to connect in any way – just see links below & touch base!

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