Operation Kick-Ass Mentoring

Are you even allowed to call your mentoring programme that?  Hell yes!  Ummm maybe no… but hey tis a great way to qualify potential “Mentees”.  Anyone with a problem with the name of the programme is probably not going to have the constitution or grit to work with Amy in this programme.

Don’t panic – she has other offerings/programmes that may be better suited to your needs 🙂  Flick her a message with what you are wanting to work on – chances are she can help or in fact point you in the right direction.

Anyways back to this Operation Kick-Ass – what is it about?

Ever had a hunch that you’re not quite playing to your full potential? Ever felt simply too tired to do that one last task?  Get annoyed with others who just don’t get it?  Worried that this is it? That you’ve got it as good as it can possibly get? That you can’t possibly say “no”?  Concerned that it’s your fault that your team aren’t stepping up and reaching their full potential?  Just not sure what it is that spins your wheels any more? Worried that you’ve caught the terrifying “i” disease… you know the one.. I.N.E.R.T.I.A?  Hmmm this is sounding serious – please continue…

Who is Operation Kick-Ass for?

Anyone looking to lift their game and wanting to tap into their potential and the potential of all of the people around them.

It’s not just for Executive Managers or Team Leaders or Business Owners.  Leadership is an inside job and if you’ve dropped the ball in leading yourself to your greatness, well it’s likely that you’ve lost some team mates along the way too.

It’s time for you to stand up, step up and show up.   Are you brave enough?

What does it look like?

It’s a full on 90 day mentoring package.

We’ll decide together the frequency of our catch ups.  There will be a minimum of 6.

It will mostly be via Skype or Phone.  Of course there will be email catch ups, quick accountability calls and you’ll be my priority if you’re needing to check in between our catch ups.

You’ll commit to taking some action each week and I’ll commit to kicking you up the butt… if you don’t do them.. well a wee bit.  But more likely – we’ll look at what it is that’s stopping you from taking those actions.

It’ll require us to look at those actions, check that they are the right actions (no point in beating yourself up about stuff that isn’t imperative to your greatness anyways..right..?) ensure that you’re implementing them in a smart way and keeping yourself on form at the same time.  All whilst not losing traction.

It sounds seductively simple doesn’t it?  And you’d be right – it’s simple but it’s not easy!  Still up for it?  Okay let’s crank into first gear.


Kick off with an initial catch up.

It’s likely to be via Skype or over the phone (unless Amy happens to be in your area at a time that suits – magic!)  This can take anywhere from 20 minutes – 60 minutes.

Amy wants to ensure that she is the best fit for you.  She’s not going to work with you if she doesn’t feel that she can genuinely offer you excellent value.

It’s also important that you feel that Amy is the best fit for you.  There’s no point doing this if you’re not really that serious about making some changes.

Next Steps…

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