Decoding Dots Mentoring Programme

So you’re keen to take this “dots” tool further?

Cool bananas.

How does a 45 – 90 day time frame sound?  Short enough to have impact yet long enough to deliver sound communication changes.

Senior Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Business Owners – actually – any team members have all enjoyed experiencing Level 1 & Level 2 “Dots” courses but – then they can find it hard to maintain the momentum.

Remembering that we are all a mixture of the 4 dots – you got that right…?…  You can not be just one colour… it’s easy for our own “dot biases” to get in the way of effective communication.

The Decoding Dots Mentoring Programme is designed to ensure that you continue with your momentum, providing support and guidance around effectively communicating with the different “dot” communication styles.


What is Amy looking for in a Mentee?

Amy chooses to work with people who have:-

– Demonstrated a commitment to the process (i.e. signed up!)

– An idea of their challenges around effective communication

– A desire to improve and learn

–  Indicated that they’ll retain an open mind

– Signalled that they want someone to be accountable to!


Are you up for it?

No – no worries 🙂

Yes – awesome – let’s chat.   Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to catch up.

Please note – in order for Amy to provide excellent value to her clients she commits to only taking on a limited number of Mentees at any one time.  Please don’t be dismayed if you can’t get in straight away.

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