Self Doubt is Crippling Our Communities

When people who have great ideas don’t have the confidence to share or test those ideas – how can we hope to grow, develop and evolve as a community? Luckily self doubt didn’t stop the talented Taranaki girl who invented the Kindling Cracker. What an inspiration!

But what about the people who are naturally gifted or have untapped potential yet they aren’t prepared to share a project or idea they are passionate about? Perhaps they assume (incorrectly) that everyone else is better than them, or everyone else already knows what they know.

These people may not even know that their ideas are “great”. They just don’t have the self belief or confidence to stand up, speak up or show up. They are crippled by “self doubt”.

It’s an insidious evil. Because even those who are seen to forge ahead with new ideas or share their ideas can also succumb to “self doubt” as well. It doesn’t discriminate!

There is something distinctly kiwi about the way we keep our heads down not wanting to stick out from the crowd. Behaving a bit like sheep I guess. What a loss of opportunity!

I love hearing about what people are passionate about and what they are up to. I find them incredibly inspiring and often it’s their stories that help me overcome my inertia. So what is it about those people who manage get out of their own way? Despite their self doubt?

From the words of best selling author and leadership expert Simon Sinek it’s about them having a big enough “Why” to push through it. Their “why” is inspiring enough for them to get on with it and take action. Their idea or project is simply too important that they can’t not do it. Do you have a big enough “why”?

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