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My Vipassana Start to 2015

Vipassa what?  Vipassana Meditation is one of India’s most ancient meditation techniques.  “It is not a blind faith or philosophy, and has nothing to do with sectarian religion. Vipassana is a practical method that can be applied by anyone of average intelligence.  Its goal is to purify the mind, to eliminate the tensions and negativities […]

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Self Doubt is Crippling Our Communities

When people who have great ideas don’t have the confidence to share or test those ideas – how can we hope to grow, develop and evolve as a community? Luckily self doubt didn’t stop the talented Taranaki girl who invented the Kindling Cracker. What an inspiration!

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What I learnt from Monica Lewinsky…

She had me at “I was publicly silent for a decade”. Monica Lewinsky’s recent TED talk is confronting, courageous & heart felt. I realised in that moment that I hadn’t noticed that she never had a voice throughout that whole debacle. Sure I took note of her choice of headwear. A beret? Seriously? Not that I can […]

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